Eric Sander photo collections has been built over 30 years of travel, with always in mind capturing and sharing beauty. Today, this extensive collection is available through different supports : books, prints or illustration. A lot of images are available for Art print.(small green window in the lower right corner Buy an Art print when picture is in full screen format-stop the slideshow)

4 formats available

  • CLASSIC 30x45 cm              print only
  • MEDIUM 40x60 cm              print only or glued on alu
  • GRAND 80x120 cm              glued on alu, plexi, American box. 
  • COLLECTOR 100x150 cm     glued on alu, plexi, American box.

To order a book, go to PUBLICATION and Books, Click on the cover and follow instructions to buy on line with Amazon.

To order a multimedia presentation, contact Eric Sander

For any other informations, please contact Eric Sander


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