“Eric Sander is an exceptional photographer, whose talent is to capture in an incredible manner the profound beauty of a place. Relentlessly pacing up and down castles, parks and gardens of the Festival and the Domain, he always gets the image he is looking for, finds the right angle, captures the fragile instant when the right light comes. His perception perfectly matches the spirit and poetry of Chaumont-sur-Loire. We are very happy about our long-standing cooperation

Chantal Colleu-Dumond, director of domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire. France

My encounter with Eric happened under unexpectedly lyrical circumstances. Pigeons flying away above the park of Champ de Bataille. He was there to capture that instant, and it is the most incredible photograph of the garden. To illustrate the beautiful book about Champ de Bataille, I wanted to mix the esthetic qualities of Eric to his luck. Talleyrand used to say "I would dismiss a very good minister who has no luck". I have always believed in luck my entire life.  

Jacques Garcia, Architecte décorateur-Château du Champ de Bataille. France

Eric Sander has a unique talent to capture the majesty and intimacy of a place. Behind the excellent photographer is a man with a passion for history, the art of gardens and properties. His creative expression, professionalism and positive attitude make the experience of working with him a privileged moment.

Suzanne Tise Isoré- Director of Style & Design, Flammarion


Thanks for your extraordinary photos of the Louis Benech Garden. We are honored to publish your beautiful work!

Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief, Architectural Digest USA 


Eric definitely has an eye for beauty,  it is a praise to life. His soul knows how to transmit the poetry of an object, of a place, thanks to his perception, where the speed of the instant becomes eternal. And with his elegant heart, lightness of well-mannered people and handsome figure, it would be foolish not to tell him we love him and his work.

Louis Benech, landscape architect -France

We can only congratulate ourselves to have met Eric Sander who has the sensibility and intelligence to understand our house. The architecture, the animals and the happiness to live in our countryside are indissociable. We particularly appreciate the photographs of the interiors which accurately reflect the reality of a beautiful rural decor of the second part of the XVIII century.
JJR-Owners of a private castle, France

He is a photographer who understood the premises, inside and out, and who took the time to pace the gardens, during different seasons and at different times, in order to capture the surroundings and the interesting angles. In his photos the space, the vast horizons which characterize the environment of the Lude, as well as the light effects in the closed gardens are particularly well reflected, and these are elements which are difficult to reproduce. “

Barbara de Nicolay, Château du Lude

In the domain of garden photography, Eric Sander is one of the best: he gets up early in order to capture the “sfumato” on the river, he feels things, the plants, the seasons, he captures the dew, the fog, the rain, like a spider spins its web: naturalist and poet, Eric is a professional of the landscape which cultivates what is harmonious and beautiful. As a photo artist, he shows great sensibility.

Hubert de Cerval-EBTS France

Eric Sander knows how to capture the soul of places, homes, bedrooms, gardens, as I sense them. It is a fairly unique art which I admire.

CVP- Interior designer. South America

Eric Sander truly has a unique vision coupled with superb technique to magically capture a place in time and truly reflect the essence of the moment. His ability to chase and capture light is always reflected through his beautiful and thought provoking photography, a real professional and artist.

Owners-Villa Astor-Italy

What I like most about Eric Sander is his sophistication and elegance. His photos are very beautiful. He has a particular talent to photograph gardens, and I greatly admire his work.

Patrick Sermadiras, Gardens of Eyrignac

I admire his esthete soul, luminous and spiritual, his fascination for the superb and the picturesque, his talent which shimmers, moves and surprises, his creativity which is always alert, his sensibility and humor, his love of nature and of architecture and above all his fascination for beauty, gardens and precious objects.

Béatrice de Andia, Gardens of La Chatonnière. France

“It was a delight to work with such a consummate photographer as Eric Sander. His evocative and atmospheric photos do justice to the British Ambassador's Residence in Washington, the only building designed by the renowned architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens, in the USA

Lady Westmacott, wife of the British Ambassador to the United States.


‘Eric is a true professional and working with him was both an exciting and pleasant experience. His ability to capture a particular room’s ambience so artistically is astonishing and his attention to detail is truly amazing.  He briefed the Team well to ensure that photo shoots ran exceptionally smoothly. We look forward to working with Eric again on future projects.’

Alice Day, House Manager-Harewood-England

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