Your property in your own book or film  



"To discover a new place is an exhilarating experience. All my senses are fully awake to capture its essence with instinct and passion. My mission is to transcend the beauty and the originality of the places I photograph, with the greatest attention for each image in which everything counts : the light, the emotion, the details, the balance, the harmony." 
Eric Sander

Like other proud owners, immortalize your house, garden or collection into a book or film to share it with your family, friends, clients. A nice present to yourself! 

Capturing a magical moment in one instant: this is the talent of the photographer Eric Sander. With his sharp eye and accomplished technique, he photographs the most beautiful estates, properties and gardens in France and around the world. His images convey the spirit of a place like no words ever will, and are published in limited-edition books.

Photography is his writing. Flamboyant and majestic, his photos reveal the essence of unique places passionately built or designed by their owners. Both an artist and a craftsman of beauty, Eric Sander adapts his style to each situation with a combination of instinct and rigor.

Sander works with talented landscape and architect designers, owners of exceptional estates, gardens and historical heritages. Through stunning images, his books tell a story, a powerful visual testimony to be shared forever.



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